Peerage and MP Ledger: The Right Honourable John Richard Charles Lambart French, the 3rd Earl of Ypres - soldier and bankrupt

Peerage and MP Ledger: Edward Fitzgerald, His Grace the 7th Duke of Leinster - peer, soldier, Wallis Simpson's lover, bankrupt and suicide

Insolvency Service - legal action and consultation deadline - Improving the transparency of, and confidence in, pre-packaged sales in administration

'On Carey Street' - the source of the term and some building history

Ed Davey MP - new Minister in charge of the Insolvency Service

Distributive Justice, Family Home Rights and the HRA

Insolvency Event: 'The Poulson Affair: Corruption and the role of Bankruptcy Law Public Examinations in the early 1970s' IALS - 21 May 2010.

A Surprise from Sussex: INSOL book collections from the Academic meetings

Bankruptcy PhD scholarships advertised at the University of Surrey Law School

Which Minister has responsibility for the Insolvency Service?

Collectivised creditor relief or Continuing Creditor Harassment

The Insolvency Service is getting an IT upgrade - consequences for OR communications

Insolvency in the regions - a tale of two areas

Cashless Counsel, Bankrupt Barristers, and other Potless Practitioners - equality of relief?

More Problems at Pompey - "we owe you X, sorry, in fact you owe us X"

The Ministry of Justice publish new statistics on insolvency usage in English and Welsh courts for the first quarter 2010