Cork Materials: Competing Interests of Spouses and Creditors: Minutes of the Meeting of the Working Group (14/02/1980)

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Peerage and MP Ledger: The Most Noble William Angus Drogo Ignaza Montagu, the 9th Duke of Manchester - politician, soldier and bankrupt

Insolvency in the Press - Private Eye, the Times, and the Guardian

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Peerage and MP ledger: the 2nd Earl of Halsbury, barrister, recorder of Carmarthen, and bankrupt

Peerage and MP ledger: 7th Earl of Lucan - soldier, banker, professional gambler and suspected murderer who is missing presumed dead - also a bankrupt

"Register of Potential and Actual Peerage Cases in which the Debtor is a Member of the House of Commons including a Record of Returns Sent"