Insolvency in Private Eye again - no.1249 and the Sunday Telegraph's splendid exposition of the Woolworths administration

The subject of insolvency has been touched on in the brilliant Private Eye for the second week running. See issue no.1249, 13 November to the 26 November, at page 30, for a very interesting story, this time about a different firm from that featured last week. There has of course been a long history of insolvency issues being featured in the Eye (and the Oldie) My forthcoming paper on the Poulson Affair makes liberal use (with due attribution!) of a number of early editions of the Eye that were instrumental in uncovering the exploits of John Garlick Llewelyn Poulson.

I bet £50.00 that the next issue will also touch on the subject of insolvency, particularly in light of the OFT's recent announcement. In fact, I bet that insolvency will feature in Private Eye in a number of future editions, perhaps in an 'Insolvency Corner'!!

The Sunday Telegraph featured an excellent exposition of the Woolworths administration. See here.

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