INSOL Europe Academic Forum/Centre for European Company Law Joint Insolvency Conference, Leiden, 1-2 July 2010

Sussex Law School's Dr Paul Omar (pictured) has sent out the latest details on the INSOL Europe Academic Forum/Centre for European Company Law Joint Insolvency Conference, Leiden, 1-2 July 2010. The learned commentator, who is also a visiting professor at the Jersey Institute of Law, notes:
"The Academic Forum of INSOL-Europe is an association of academic lawyers researching and teaching in insolvency law with connections to INSOL-Europe, the European organisation of professionals who specialise in insolvency, bankruptcy and business reconstruction & recovery. In conjunction with the Centre for European Company Law of the University of Leiden, the Academic Forum will be organising a conference at Leiden in the Netherlands on the theme of Cross-Border Crisis Management in the Banking Sector.

The conference programme is most promising in at least two respects. The financial crisis has highlighted the importance of putting into place effective cross-border arrangements to handle banking crises. There have been a number of high profile banking failures over the past 18 months (Fortis, Lehman Brothers, Icelandic banks), which have revealed serious shortcomings in the existing arrangements. According to the European Commission’s proposals, a new legal framework must be put in place to equip the authorities with the right tools and provide legal certainty for the handling of cross-border banking failures, in ways that minimise costs to taxpayers and allow even the largest banks to fail without damaging overall financial stability. A broad ranging approach to the complex and interlinked issues surrounding crisis management has been suggested: ‘early intervention’, ‘bank resolution’ (to consider the inclusion of cross-border banking groups in Directive 2001/24/EC on the Reorganisation and Winding up of Credit Institutions) and ‘insolvency’, with a binding framework for cooperation and the exchange of information between courts and insolvency practitioners responsible for proceedings relating to affiliated entities in a banking group.

The meeting, to be held over two days (1-2 July 2010) will feature presentations, given by members of the academic and practitioner community in Europe and elsewhere. As part of the proceedings, there will also be a Reception and Dinner for delegates.

On-line registration for the joint insolvency conference is also possible at:


NB. Please note that a discounted conference fee of €250 is available for academic delegates and €100 for students registered at an academic/research institution.

Further information about the academic conference and the work of the Academic Forum can also be obtained via the Academic Forum website at: <> or from the Secretary via e-mail at: <>."

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