Shortest Judgment Competition - a winner in Sir James Bacon?

Thank you to all those who have submitted entries for the 'Shortest Judgment Competition' which was posted on this blog sometime ago. The deadline has now passed and nobody has managed to beat the trusts case I obliquely referred to, namely: Brown v. Burdett (1882) 21 Ch D 667.

In the case the judge, Vice-Chancellor Bacon, delivered a judgment of exactly 36 words. He stated:
"“I think I must “unseal” this useless, undisposed of property.

“There will be a declaration that the house and premises were undisposed of by the will, for the term of twenty years from the testatrix's death.”
I will leave the competition open until the end of December 2009. Happy hunting!

The Honourable Sir James Bacon (pictured) was the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Judge in Bankruptcy.

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