HOBS: Poulson (2) - The Combatants in Pictures

Here are the two chief protagonists in the Poulson affair, Mr Muir Hunter QC (as he then was) and Mr John Garlick Llewellyn Poulson, as artistically rendered for a Sunday Times  treatment of September 24 1972. Their exchange went:

"MH: "now, it is plain, is it not, Mr Poulson, that you are a man with an immensely generous heart: is that not right?"

JGLP: "I used to think so. I think now, when I see these figures, 'stupid' would describe it."

MH: "Yes, stupidly generous. So the situation was this, was it not, that you were prepared to lash out large permanent regular sums to your old chums?"

JGLP: "I didn't know they were old chums: some of them I had never even met"

Picture Credit: Sunday Times.