HOBS - Imprisonment for Debt - abolition across the world

My earlier posts on comparative personal insolvency and the post on Dubai's insolvency laws have got me thinking about the abolition of imprisonment for debt generally across different jurisdictions. Readers of this blog will know that the practice was abolished in England an Wales in 1869. But what of other countries? My researches to date have show that imprisonment for debt was abolished in the following countries at the given year: 
  • England: 1869
  • France: 1867
  • Belgium: 1871
  • Ireland: 1872
  • Switzerland: 1874
  • Norway: 1874
  • Italy: 1877
  • Scotland: 1880
Where does the practice still occur?
  • Dubai
  • Israel 
Picture Credit: Muir Hunter Museum of Bankruptcy, KU. 


mrmicra said…
Regrettably though Ireland does not imprison for debt we did until last month imprison 'can't pay' debtors for failure to comply with court ordered repayment plans.