Thursday, 20 May 2010

Which Minister has responsibility for the Insolvency Service?

It is still not entirely clear from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) website which minister has responsibility for the Insolvency Service (IS). When the Lord Mandelson was in charge of BIS Mr Ian Lucas MP had responsibility for the IS. Now that they have been booted out by the electorate we now need to know who has replaced Mr Lucas. Who then is Dr Vince Cable MP's deputy with responsibility for insolvency issues? As far as I can work out the relevant minister appears to be Mr Mark Prisk MP (pictured), the Minister of State for Business and Enterprise. Prior to becoming and MP Mr Prisk was a chartered surveyor who ran his own £3 million firm. He attended the University of Reading. As a Quins fan it is deeply disappointing to note that he is a member of Saracens RFC.

I am sure the new biographies will go up soon on the BIS website so that we can be sure. Who ever it is, it will be interesting to see how they influence the policy direction of the IS.

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Jonathan said...

Looks like it is in fact Ed Davey, Lib Dem MP for Kingston and Surbiton - a neighbour of yours!

John Tribe, KPMG Lecturer in Restructuring, Kingston Law School, Kingston University, Surrey, UK said...

cheers Jonathan, I will pop around and have a chat! He came to the University some years ago to talk to the students. They enjoyed it. I will do a blog on him.

Thanks for the hat tip!



Sabine K McNeill said...

If you look at this link it appears as if the BIS, i.e. Vincent Cable is responsible.

We wrote to him because we wanted to point out cases of fraudulent bankruptcies.


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