Insolvency Event and Call for Papers - INSOL Academic Forum, Vienna, Wednesday 13 - Thursday 14 October 2010

Dr Paul Omar, the secretary of the Academic Forum of INSOL Europe, has sent out a call for papers for the INSOL Europe Academic Forum conference in Vienna on Wednesday 13 - Thursday 14 October 2010. Dr Omar has asked for expressions of interest in delivering papers on the following themes:

(a) Groups of Companies and Insolvency;

(b) Arbitration and Insolvency;

(c) Case-Studies of Large-Scale Insolvencies;

(d) Banking/Financial Markets Legislation and Insolvency.

Dr Omar has noted that interest in delivering a paper on these and any other suitably related themes may be communicated to: Paul Omar, Secretary, Academic Forum by e-mail:

Picture Credit: INSOL Europe.