Tories and Insolvency: Statistical check by Channel Four news

The Conservative Party and their insolvency policy have been discussed on this blog before. Channel Four News FactCheck has now highlighted the Tories' interaction with our subject, particularly in relation to statistics. See here for their FactCheck: going bust in the recession. The article provides an excellent analysis of insolvency statistics and the Tories' use of the same. The Tories have used the statistics properly according to the article. Some honest politics at work!

Unfortunately, the story ends with the same tired old inaccurate line about insolvency being 'easier'. This is sloppy journalism which pays no attention to the published research on the topic. For the previous Insolvency Service Director of Policy's rebuttal of this flawed contention, see here. No doubt this will not be last time that we mention the Conservative Party's insolvency policy!

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