HOBS: More from Mr Justice Cave - wrongful trading in the 19th century

I have mentioned the 'Cave Orders' before on this blog. I would now like to briefly revisit Mr Justice Cave (pictured), but this time in the context of the 19th century equivalent of wrongful trading (s.214 IA86). In Re Stainton (1887) 4 Morr, 242, the learned judge remarked in relation to a bankrupt trader, "once he is insolvent, he is no longer going on at his own risk in case of failure: he is going on at the risk of his creditors."

Picture Credit: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_YrPhWhp-AW0/So7YM038QPI/AAAAAAAAAlc/ASq4SQ8wMHM/s400/vf12793.jpg