HOBS: The IPA and Council member silk scarves (ladies only!) and a tricky motto

The Muir Hunter Museum of Bankruptcy has recently acquired a number of new items. One of the more abstract items is a silk scarf given to members of the Insolvency Practitioners' Association (IPA) Council. Men received ties (we do not have one at the moment). Ladies received the scarf (pictured) which is complete with the IPA's coat of arms and motto, "AEQUA-PARTES-OMNIBUS." This motto is a tricky one. The words themselves are quite simple but it's not an obvious quote. Literally:
  • Aequa means "equal things" or "equality"
  • Partes means "parts"
  • Omnibus means "for all"
So, I think it's trying to say: "equality is parts for all" or "equality is something for everyone". The only thing putting me off is that you often see "aequas partes" = "equal parts" or "equal proportions". Ie "equal proportions for all". This is more usual latin, but it would be "aequas" (not "aequa").

Where the phrase "taking silk" was previously reserved for senior members of the English Bar, i.e. Queens Counsel who have come within the bar, the term might now be extended to female council members of the IPA. The IPA is one of the Recognised Professional Bodies (RPB).

Picture Credit: Muir Hunter Museum of Bankruptcy, KU.