More honours for insolvency scholars - Professor Worthington made FBA

Honours abound in the world of insolvency scholarship! As reported recently on this blog Professor Mokal has been appointed Senior Counsel at the World Bank for two years and Professor Adrian Walters has been made an INSOL Scholar for the forthcoming academic year. Professor Sarah Worthington (pictured) of the LSE now joins the list. She has been elected a Fellow of the British Academy. Professor Worthington, like Professor Mokal and Professor Ian F. Fletcher, is an academic member of 3-4 South Square. She has edited and written a number of books and articles that deal with insolvency and related issues, these include: Worthingon, S & Sealy, L. Cases and Materials in Company Law. Eighth Edition. OUP, 2007; Worthington, S (Ed). Commerical Law and Commerical Practice. Hart Publishing, 2003.

Professor Worthington's election to the fellowship is well deserved following a period at LSE as Pro-Dean for research and as immediate past president of the Society of Legal Scholars.  The news is also good for insolvency scholarship generally. The learned Professor has an arguably better accolade however. She taught me directors' duties as part of my company law elective at UCL! Congratulations to Professor Worthington.

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