HOBS - Robert George Cecil Fane (1796-1864) - Barrister, Judge and Bankruptcy Commissioner

Fane died a bankruptcy judge on the 4 October 1864 at the Burdon Hotel, Weymouth. He had spent some of his early career at the bar before sitting as a bankruptcy commissioner. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn on the 1 June 1821. He went on to develop a practice as an equity barrister. He was appointed a bankruptcy commissioner in 1823 by the Lord Eldon and on the 2 December 1831 the Lord Brougham appointed him to one of six posts of commissioner of the Court of Bankruptcy. He wrote a number of books on bankruptcy whilst sitting. These were:
  • Fane, RGC. Outline of a plan for improving the law of debtor and creditor, without abolishing imprisonment for debt, 1844.
  • Fane, RGC. Bankruptcy Reform, in a Series o Letters Addressed to Sir R. Peel, 2 vols, 1838.
In his later judicial career his temperament was marked by "an eccentricity of manner and occasional acerbity of temper" (ODNB).

Picture Credit: Muir Hunter Museum of Bankruptcy, KU, a fellow bankruptcy commissioners handwriting, John Fonblanque.