"Enron" at the Chichester Festival Theatre and the Royal Court downstairs - a must for those interested in the murky side of business

The Chichester Festival Theatre is hosting the world premier of Lucy Prebble's new play "Enron" The marketing material notes:
“Are you kidding me? Did we take advantage? That’s what we do, that’s how the world works. When you ask, ‘Did you take advantage?’, I hear ‘Do you make a living?’, ‘Do you breathe in and out?’, ‘Are you a man?’ Yes, we took advantage. And the only difference between me and the people judging me is they weren’t smart enough to do what we did.’’ 
One of the most infamous scandals in financial history becomes a theatrical epic in Lucy Prebble’s new play. Mixing classical tragedy with savage comedy, it follows a group of flawed men and women in a narrative of greed and loss which reviews the tumultuous 1990s and casts a new light on the financial turmoil in which the world finds itself in 2009."
The play is being transferred to the Royal Court downstairs following the run at Chichester (17 Sept-7 Nov). 
Picture Credit: http://www.pictureninja.com/pages/united-states/texas/enron-sign.jpg