New Book - Dr Irit Ronen-Mevorach's "Insolvency within Multinational Enterprise Groups"

Nottingham University School of Law's Dr Irit Ronen-Mevorach has published her Ph.D thesis through Oxford University Press. The book is entitled: "Insolvency within Multinational Enterprise Groups" Here is an abstract from the OUP website that provides a synopsis of the text:
"Provides a good source of updated case law in the area. This includes cases subject to different cross-border insolvency regimes (e.g. EC Regulation, UNCITRAL Model Law, use of protocols).
Thoroughly reviews the main models for cross-border insolvency (and their application to the multinational group case) including the very recent development currently under discussion by UNCITRAL Working Group V.
Provides taxonomy of prototypical scenarios to which the chapters cross refer where discussing relevant insolvency measures.
Clear layout containing extensive cross referencing.
Develops a clear model for dealing with insolvency within multinational groups which can be used within the current cross-border insolvency frameworks (e.g., UNCITRAL Model Law, EC Regulation) and also as a definitive guideline for future reform."
Picture Credit: OUP.