Fletcher's 4th Edition now in the shops

Some time ago (see here) I blogged on the forthcoming 4th edition of Professor Fletcher's The Law of Insolvency. This is now in the shops. The following information on the text arrived from Sweet & Maxwell today:
"Examine the law of insolvency close up

The Law of Insolvency is the definitive reference work in this complex area. It provides authoritative coverage and historical development of all aspects of insolvency law, both corporate and personal, all in one volume.

The Law of Insolvency contains:

  • A detailed, up-to-date account of the law and procedure regarding every type of insolvency
  • Solutions to the most complex legal problems in this area
  • Citations and references to both primary and secondary legislation, together with the relevant case law including the leading authorities delivered by the House of Lords, Privy Council, Court of Appeal, and the European Court of Justice

The book is of particular value to practitioners, and to students of commercial law who require a detailed knowledge of the technical contents of insolvency law."

Picture Credit: http://www.easternct.edu/career/images/magnifying-glass.gif