BBC File on 4 Programme on Insolvency - IPs under the spotlight!

I am grateful to Professor Rebecca Parry for a heads up on the forthcoming File on 4 programme on Insolvency Practitioners (IPs). This is the second time that the renowned investigative journalism programme have visited our subject. Their first programme looked at pre-packaged administrations. See here for the transcript, which includes, inter alia, analysis by Dr Sandra Frisby.

The second programme will be broadcast on next week’s File on 4, on Radio 4 (Tuesday 12th October at 8pm, repeated Sunday 17th October at 5pm). It will be interesting to see what angle the programme makers take on IPs. Will they focus on the arguable notion that there are too many RPBs and that remuneration has been an issue (e.g. Cabletel) or will they look at complaints by landlords who are allegedly being pushed by IPs to charge reduced rents for struggling businesses. Only time and a listen will tell! 

The BBC are not adverse to reporting on our subject at length. See here for an interesting youngster focused item on bankruptcy and bank accounts and here for tales of footballer insolvency. Keep up the good work Aunty! 

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