Lehman Brothers auction - Christie's, London, 29/09/10: creditors hoping for high prices!!

The second auction of Lehman Brothers' artwork and ephemera is due to take place at Christie's in London later today. The catalogue makes interesting reading, not least because of the amount of books that are for sale. Lehman Brothers had a rather extensive corporate library as well as art collection it seems. Perhaps the bankers spent too much time reading Dickens! The BBC reported last week that the US auction made some $12,000,000 for creditors. 

There are some very interesting items in the auction, including corporate plaques (pictured) from the failed bank. We currently have, inter alia, an Investors in People plaque from Arthur Anderson, an Enron field badge and flask, and a WorldCom paperweight in the Muir Hunter Museum of Bankruptcy - this Lehman plaque could be a nice  complimentary piece. Happy bidding!