Sources on the history of English bankruptcy law.

I thought it might be useful to upload on to the blog a list of historical sources that readers might find interesting. In no particular order:

19th Century
  • Duffy, IPH. English Bankrupts, 1571-1861 (1980) Amer J. Legal Hist 24 283-305
  • Duffy, IPH. Bankruptcy and Insolvency in London during the Industrial Revolution. Garland Publishing, Inc. New York & London. 1985; 
  • Lester, VM. Victorian Insolvency. Clarendon Press, 1995 (the source suggested by Adrian).
  • Graham, David and Tribe, John (2009) Bankruptcy in Crisis - a Regency Saga: Part 4 - Basil Montagu (1770-1851). Insolvency Intelligence, 22(9), pp. 132-140. 
  • Tribe, JP and Graham, D (2007) Bankruptcy in Crisis – A Regency Saga: Part 3 – The Bankruptcy Bar. Insolvency Intelligence (Insol.Int), 20 April, pp. 38-41. 
  • Tribe, JP and Graham, D (2004) Bankruptcy in Crisis – A Regency Saga. Insolvency Intelligence (Insolv.Int) (2004), 17, p. 6. 
  • Tribe, JP and Graham, D (2004) Bankruptcy in Crisis – A Regency Saga: Part 2 – The Busy Bankruptcy Court. Insolvency Intelligence (Insolv.Int), 17, p. 150. 
  • For actual 19th century sources, see:

Other sources of interest and in no particular order:
  • Cadwallader, FJJ. In pursuit of the merchant debtor and bankrupt: 1066-1732. Unpublished Ph.D. thesis. University College London, University of London. June 1965; 
  • Cooke, RM. The Foundations of the Law of Bankruptcy. University of Manchester, LL.M. thesis. 1924; 
  • Coull, DC. The Prevention of Fraud prior to bankruptcy – a comparative study. Unpublished Ph.D. thesis. University of Aberdeen, 1974; 
  • Servian, MS. Eighteenth Century Bankruptcy Law: From Crime to Process. Unpublished Ph.D. thesis, University of Kent at Canterbury, 1985; 
  • Treiman, I. A History of the English Law of Bankruptcy, with Special Reference to the Origins, Continental Sources , and Early Development of the Principal Features of the Law. University of Oxford. Unpublished D.Phil thesis. 1927; 
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  • Levinthal, L.E. The Early History of English Bankruptcy (1919) vol. 67, U. PA. L. Rev. 1; 
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  • Welbourne, E. Bankruptcy before the era of Victorian Reform (1932-34) Vol,4, p.51; 
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  • Tribe, J & Graham, D. Bacon in Debt - The Insolvency Judgments of Francis, Lord Verulam. [2006] IL&P, vol.22(1), 11-16.
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