R3 figures on Torbay - "Fawlty Towers Town tops Britain Bankruptcy Chart."

A recent article in OneIndia on some R3 statistics reminded me of the time when I took a diversion from a Devon based holiday to visit the hotel which is said to be the inspiration for the BBC's famous Fawlty Towers series ("Don't mention the war!"). Along with my best mate (pictured - an insolvency man of some renown) and his daughter we decided to re-enact a famous scene from the series. Pictured to the right outside the Best Western Gleneagles hotel my holidaymaker chum can be seen whacking a naughty car with a branch. My wife stayed safely in the car doing her best Sybil impression, meanwhile, his wife, more sensible child and my dog had decided to stay at base camp. As the article notes the data compiled by R3 shows that Torbay, which includes the south Devon resort of Torquay, is the number one hotspot for personal insolvency.