Insolvency Event: INSOL Europe Academic Forum Conference, Vienna, 13 14 October 2010

Sussex Law School's Dr Paul Omar has announced the details of the forthcoming INSOL Europe Academic Forum Conference, which is due to take place in Vienna (pictured) between 13 and 14 October 2010. Dr Omar has noted:

"The Academic Forum of INSOL Europe is an association of academic lawyers researching and teaching in insolvency law. The organisation was founded in 2004 and meets annually in conjunction with the main conference of the parent organisation. Previous meetings have taken place in Prague (2004), Amsterdam (2005), Monaco (2007), Leiden and Barcelona (2008), Sussex and Stockholm (2009) as well as Leiden (2010).

The Academic Forum’s next annual meeting is scheduled to take place in association with the INSOL Europe conference at the Intercontinental Hotel in Vienna. The meeting, to be held over two days (13-14 October 2010) will feature research papers and presentations given by members of the academic community in Europe and elsewhere.

As part of the proceedings, there will also be an Academic Reception and Dinner for delegates. The Academic Forum is pleased to announce that a lecture will also be given by an eminent insolvency scholar, for which sponsorship has been provided by Edwin Coe LLP.

A near-final conference schedule is available below.

Wednesday 13 October 2010


Welcome Address
Professor Bob Wessels, University of Leiden

First Session: Groups of Companies and Insolvency I
Chair: Professor Bob Wessels, University of Leiden


Alexander Daehnert, PhD Student
“Groups of Companies and the Insolvency Threat”

Dr Jessica Schmidt, University of Jena
“Groups of Companies in Autonomous German Insolvency Law –  The lex lata, its Application and Proposals for Reform”

Professor Gheorghe Piperea, University of Bucharest
“topic to be confirmed”

Coffee Break

Report on Past Activities
Dr Paul Omar, University of Sussex

Second Session: Groups of Companies and Insolvency II
Chair: Dr Paul Omar, University of Sussex


Alexandra Kastrinou, University of Westminster
“topic to be confirmed”

Helen Sevenoaks, Research Student
“Substantive Consolidation in Group Insolvencies”

Myriam Mailly, University of Kent
Groups of Companies in French Insolvency Law: Present and Future


Final briefing on the ALI-III Project on Global Principles in Insolvency Law


Professor Bob Wessels, University of Leiden, Joint Project Chair

Comfort Break

Management Meeting
Management and Supervisory Board Members


Academic Dinner
Thursday 14 October 2010

Retrieval Registration

Welcome Back
Dr Paul Omar, University of Sussex

Third Session: Insolvency Case-Studies
Chair: Stefania Bariatti, University of Milan


Dr David Hahn, Bar-Ilan University, Tel-Aviv, Israel
The Case of the Africa-Israel Conglomerate

Dr Tomas Richter, Charles University Prague
“Reorganizing Czech Businesses: A Bankruptcy Law Reform under a Recession Stress-Test”


Fourth Session: Younger Scholars Forum:
ChairMyriam Mailly, University of Kent/ Emmanuelle Inacio, UniversitĂ© du Littoral CĂ´te d'Opale


Signe Viimsalu, Estonian Development Fund
“Exercising Creditors' Rights in Light of the Changeable Applicable Law in Cross Border Insolvency Proceedings”

Olga Lvova, Moscow Lomonosov University
Insolvency of Corporate Groups in Russia


Coffee Break

Fifth Session: Arbitration/Banking Failure
ChairDr Jessica Schmidt, University of Jena


Cecilia Carrara, LUISS, Rome, Italy
“How does Insolvency affect International Arbitration Proceedings? An Italian and Comparative Perspective”

Luminita Tuleasca, Romanian-American University, Bucharest
The Causes of Bank Failure in Romania

Jassmine Girgis, University of Calgary
The Theoretical Foundations of Corporate Reorganization



Mention of Edwin Coe Prize Winners
Introduction of Guest Speaker
Marc Udink, INSOL Europe General Secretary


Edwin Coe Lecture: Title to be confirmed
Mr Justice Ian Kawaley, Supreme Court of Bermuda

Valedictory Speech
Professor Bob Wessels, University of Leiden

Details of the academic conference have been included in the registration brochure for the main INSOL Europe conference (at pp. 12-13), which is now available at:

On-line registration for the academic conference is also possible at:

Further information about the academic conference and the work of the Academic Forum can also be obtained via the Academic Forum website at: <> or from the Secretary via e-mail at: <>."

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