New Companies House document entitled "Liquidation and Insolvency."

Companies House have issued a new guidance document entitled: "Liquidation and Insolvency." Whilst on the elementary side, the document still makes very interesting reading. The document contains information on: 

  • "Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - General information 
  • Chapter 2 - Corporate [sic] voluntary arrangements (CVA) including CVA moratoria 
  • Chapter 3 - 'In administration' and 'administration orders' - Cases beginning on or after 15 September 2003: In administration 
  • Chapter 4 - Receivers 
  • Chapter 5 - Voluntary liquidation
  • Chapter 6 - Compulsory liquidation
  • Chapter 7 - European cross-border insolvency proceedings
  • Chapter 8 - Frequently asked questions
  • Chapter 9 - Quality of documents
  • Chapter 10 - Further information"
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malcolm cohen said…
shame our emminent lecturer doesn't know that CVA stands for company voluntary arrangement not corporate VA
Dear Mr Cohen

Thanks for the post. You are right and it proves the point that one should not cut and paste without reading carefully as this part of the post was taken from Companies House (CH), so it is in fact CH who do not have the right parlance. Perhaps that is even more worrying!

For my recent and widely cited JBL article on CVAs (with the correct terminology) see:

Thanks for the eagle eye pointer!