New insolvency books from Hart publishing

Hart Publishing have just sent out their latest catalogue. There are some interesting new insolvency and related subject books on their list:
  • Frisby, S. Corporate Rescue Law and Practice. Hart Publishing, September 2010, £50.00

  • Jauch, HG & Vallender, H & Dahl, M (Eds). European Insolvency Law. Hart Publishing, November 2010, £170.00

  • Mitchell, C (Ed). Constructive and Resulting Trusts. Hart Publishing, March 2010. £65.00

  • Ringe, Gullifer, Thery (Eds). Current Issues in European Financial and Insolvency Law. Hart Publishing, 2009, £45.00.
The marketing material for the above books looks very interesting and is certainly worth a look in advance of publication.

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