Call for Papers - INSOL Academic Forum - Dublin, Ireland 11-13 June 2010

Professor Ian Fletcher has sent out a call for papers for the upcoming INSOL Academic Forum. The event is due to take place in Dublin in June 2010. As the call notes:

"Next Conference of the Academics’ Group: Dublin, Ireland, 11-13 June 2010

Because the next main event in the INSOL cycle of regional conferences – in Dubai in February

2010 – falls at an inconvenient time of year for most academics, it was agreed by those attending

the Vancouver conference that a free-standing meeting should be arranged if possible. I am

pleased to confirm that arrangements have been made for the Group to hold its next conference in

Dublin between 11 and 13 June 2010. The working sessions will take place on Saturday June 12th

and Sunday June 13th, and there will be a pre-conference dinner on the evening of Friday 11th

June. As the venue of this meeting is in Europe, we also extend a warm invitation to our

colleagues in the Academic Wing of INSOL Europe to participate in the conference, both as paperpresenters

and also as attendees.

Please contact Tina McGorman via the INSOL Office for information regarding registration, hotel

options and other matters.

Call for papers

I shall be grateful to receive expressions of willingness to present a paper on any of the following

themes (including proposals for jointly authored papers where desired):

- Revision of the EC Insolvency Regulation

- The regulation, and the fiduciary duties, of insolvency practitioners

- Banks and Insolvency

- Insolvency within corporate groups

- Arbitration as a means of avoiding insolvency

- Global Principles of Insolvency: Draft Final Report

- State Aids in Insolvency

- Recent reforms: reports and comments

- “Research in progress” – members’ forum to exchange information and ideas about current and

prospective research

As usual, I shall also be interested to hear from any member who has a proposal for a paper on a

theme not included in the above list. All such proposals will be seriously considered in terms of

their potential interest and topicality."

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