American and Canadian Bankruptcy Law Professors - some details

English insolvency law scholarship is in its infancy compared with our American and Canadian cousins. Professor Ian F Fletcher's first book, published in 1978, could be seen as the start point of academic consideration of the topic in England and Wales (Fletcher, IF. Law of Bankruptcy. Macdonald and Evans, Plymouth, 1978), although there were of course PhDs in 1965 (Cadwallader, FJJ. In pursuit of the merchant debtor and bankrupt: 1066-1732. Unpublished Ph.D. thesis. University College London, University of London. June 1965.) and 1927 (Treiman, I. A History of the English Law of Bankruptcy, with Special Reference to the Origins, Continental Sources, and Early Development of the Principal Features of the Law. University of Oxford. Unpublished D.Phil thesis. 1927) that sprung from these shores. I have addressed the supposed dearth of English personal insolvency scholarship elsewhere.

Having in mind the more advanced position of our cousins on the other side of the Atlantic I thought it might be expedient to list here the names of some current and past American and Canadian bankruptcy (and related subject) professors, so that easier reference may be had to their work. Some of the professor are bankruptcy professors in a strict sense. Other professor have published work on bankruptcy as part of their wider work. I have already done a fairly similar exercise in relation to English insolvency professors. I have not given details of our American and Canadian colleagues' particular specialisations as in many cases this is broad and encompasses both the corporate and personal side of the subject. In no particular order, the following professors have an interest in insolvency law:

I apologise to any professors whose names I have omitted. I would be happy to address any lacunas in exchange for a visiting research fellowship at your institution - only joking! I will add your name either way. I will update this entry as and when any offers of a visiting research fellowship, I mean contact details, come in.

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