Ray Gosling: Bankrupt - on BBC Four

BBC Four have aired a documentary on Mr Ray Gosling's (pictured) bankruptcy. It can still be seen on the IPlayer. From the film it seems that Mr Gosling was made bankrupt sometime in 1999 for approximately £23,684. With costs, fees, disbursements etc, that figure climbed to £91,622. Mr Gosling has previously made a documentary about bankruptcy:
  • Gosling, R. Socially Unacceptable - Bankruptcy. Granada TV/Channel 4, 1987.
Here is the relevant blurb from the BBC Four documentary:
"For 40 years, Ray Gosling enjoyed success as a TV and radio presenter. However, work began to dry up, his partner died and then he was made bankrupt. This film follows Gosling from the time an eviction notice was served.
Broadcast on:
BBC Four, 11:00pm Sunday 19th July 2009
60 minutes
Available until:
11:59pm Sunday 26th July 2009"

Picture Credit:  http://www.channel4.com/assets/programmes/images/the-middle-ages-forty-something/the-middle-ages-forty-something-20090421124926_625x352.jpg