New Event - Nottingham Law School - 16th September 2009: Insolvency and Business

The Insolvency and Corporate Law Research Group (ICLRG) at Nottingham Law School, in conjunction with Nottingham Business School, have sent out an invite for a joint conference on the intersection between corporate insolvency law and business and accounting practice. The ICLRG is made up of Professor Adrian Walters, Professor David Burdette (pictured right), Professor Rebecca Parry, Dr Gary Wilson and Dean Keith Gaines. The conference will be held at Nottingham Trent University on September 16th. Here is the advertising material:

"Modern corporate insolvency law increasingly emphasises the importance of rescuing struggling yet viable corporate entities or their businesses. This global trend towards a corporate rescue and turnaround culture has brought with it many new challenges – not only for insolvency practitioners and insolvency lawyers – but also for business people whose businesses face the prospect of being placed under administration or liquidation.

While the importance of applying sound business principles and strategies to corporate rescue seems to be obvious, this does not appear to be an area that is often explored. Likewise, the legal structures and frameworks within which corporate rescue and liquidations take place are not always clear to directors of companies, business advisers, accountants, auditors and the like. There would appear to be some scope for discussion and debate on aspects of business practice that relate to law, and aspects of law that relate to business and accounting practice.

The purpose of this conference is to highlight some of the issues of common interest where insolvency law and business intersect, and to debate these issues among practitioners and academics alike. The intention is for the conference to be presented as informally as possible, with presentations followed by questions and open discussion. Presentations will be made by experienced practitioners and academics, and it is proposed that at least the following topics will be covered under the wider scope of the central theme of the intersection between insolvency law and business and accounting practice:

• The valuation of businesses in corporate rescue proceedings and insolvency restructurings.

• When can the business of a distressed company still be deemed to be viable?

• The importance of financial records.

• The function and importance of statutory insolvency and corporate restructuring frameworks.

• Aspects relating to fraud risk.

• Personal liability / risk of directors.

• Business management and employment issues.

• Economic policies and their impact on insolvency law.

• The future of pre-packaged administrations.

Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be provided to delegates at registration and the end of the day. A light lunch will also be served. The final programme with a full list of speakers will be sent to delegates about two weeks before the start of the conference. The conference fee is £35 per delegate. Full details regarding payment will be forwarded prior to the conference. In order to register your interest for this event, please email the marketing team at with your name, contact number, company name, affiliation and number of delegate places required. Places are limited, so early registration is recommended to avoid disappointment.

If you are interested in presenting a paper at this conference under the general theme of the intersection between insolvency law and business, or which relates to one of the specific topics listed above, please email Professor David Burdette at as soon as possible.

We sincerely hope you will be able to attend, and look forward to welcoming you to Nottingham Trent University on 16 September."

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Che Guava said…
15 September or 16? Your intro says the former, the quoted info the latter.
Well spotted Che! You are a good friend! Cheers John