Professor Warren on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart - bank bankruptcy state side!

One of America's leading bankruptcy scholars, Professor Elizabeth Warren of Harvard Law School, has appeared on Jon Stewart's Daily Show. The focus of the piece is on her role as chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel on Toxic Relief, as opposed to her bankruptcy work, but it is still worth a view, especially as part two does start to discuss approaches to bank bankruptcy in an historical context. See part one and part two. For a full biography of Professor Warren see here. Jon's "all you have done is bankruptcy law" comment and his observation on Professor Warren dispensing, "financial chicken soup" are both quite amusing! The oversight panel's work is summarised here. Professor Warren's SSRN entry can be seen here. Professor Warren has spoken at length to the broadcast media over the years. Her various appearances can be seen here.

Picture Credit: £50.00 to the first person to send in an email photograph with an English law professor posing on a desk (as opposed to at a desk). Hat tip to Credit Slips for picking up on this story in the first instance.