New Book - Professor Vanessa Finch's 2nd edition hits the shelves - Corporate Insolvency Law - Perspectives and Principles

The 2nd edition of Professor Vanessa Finch's text book: Corporate Insolvency Law: Perspectives and Principles (Cambridge University Press, 2009) has hit the shelves! Well, my inspection copy has arrived in the post today. It is also now available at the CUP website in hardback and softback edition. I have only glanced over the book in the most cursory fashion due to other time constraints. On brief examination (i.e. looking to see if any of my articles have been cited) I note the following - it is larger than the first edition, carries an excellent bibliography and has been much expanded generally, especially in relation to corporate borrowing and pre-pack administrations. The new history section has also been expanded. I am off for a proper read now! 

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