Insolvency Service event - Seminar on the Reform of the Debtor Bankruptcy Petition Process

Following on from the consultation exercise in January 2008 entitled Bankruptcy: proposals for reform of the debtor petition process’, the Insolvency Service is now hosting a invited audience seminar to update interested parties on the progress of the project. As the invite letter notes, "Over the last 12 months the Insolvency Service have continued to explore in detail the removal of the courts from the order-making process in debtor’s own bankruptcy petition cases.  The aim of the seminar is to update... on our latest findings and to generate an informative and active discussion between the Insolvency Service and stakeholders on ways in which The Service can take the project forward.  The day will also include a presentation by District Judge Jordan on the current experiences of the court services in dealing with debtor’s own petitions."

Copies of the original
consultation document and summary of responses can are available on the Insolvency Service website.  The seminar will be held on Friday 20 March 2009. It should be a very interesting sessions with some very positive outcomes. 

Picture Credit: Muir Hunter Museum of Bankruptcy, KU (GP).