Sands & Anor v Monem & Ors [2010] EWHC 1972 (Ch) (30 July 2010)

Mr Justice Norris (pictured) has handed down his judgment in Sands & Anor v Monem & Ors [2010] EWHC 1972 (Ch) (30 July 2010). The case concerns the issue of preferences in bankruptcy. The learned judge notes:

In refusing leave to appeal the learned judge continues: 

"District Judge Gamba was deciding an issue in an English bankruptcy (and I am likewise considering an appeal in that context). In that context (a) the person whose property is affected by the Order under appeal does not wish to appeal any aspect of the order (b) no other person with any real economic interest in the bankrupt's estate wishes to appeal the substance of the order. The essential question (ignoring the issue of whether an 1858 case was correctly decided) is therefore whether there is a real prospect of Mr Monem persuading an appeal court that he has any standing in the matter. Can someone who has no economic interest in the outcome of the English bankruptcy, but is subject to foreign proceedings which (so far as the evidence goes) will continue whatever the outcome of the English bankruptcy, challenge an order which is accepted as correct by all the parties who do have a real interest in the English bankruptcy? In my judgment the answer to that question on the facts of this case is plainly "No"."

The judgment also contains a mysterious reference to an error in a, "standard published work." £10 prize to the person who first spots the source!