Thursday, 16 June 2011

We have moved to Jordans Insolvency Law Online -

The bankruptcy blog has now moved to Jordans Insolvency Law Online. All future blog posts will be on the new site. Daily blog updates will continue but the site coverage will be more comprehensive as there are also case summaries from Guidhall Chambers, legislation updates from KPMG's Sue Morgan, practitioner interviews, and access to the Jordans stable on insolvency materials (BPIRs, Keay & Doyle's Annotated Guide, Keay & Walton, etc) on the new site

Thank you for visiting this site over the last three years. We have had 185,655 visitors from over eighty countries and have averaged around 600 visitors a day over the last year. Thank you for reading the blog and for your comments. See you at the new site! 

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